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And before Logan could even agree, Emmanuel took him by hand and lead him through the cloaked door. They arrived to a long chamber filled with a row of comfortable leather armchairs and equipment which resembled that of hospitals blood transfusion
Logan looked at Emmanuel, bewildered.
“I don't get it...”
Emmanuel smirked. “You figured the feeding process has to involve some good old biting of the neck, am I presuming correctly?”
Logan nodded, and blushed.
“As I told you – some still do it the old fashioned way, and hunt their pray. But sometimes even they have to rely on technology.
Sit down, please, and relax. You will receive your first transfusion, and the while I will explain you how the process goes. In case you are interested, of course.”

“I am,” Logan replied in hoarse whisper. He sat into the chair and felt a little more at ease. The chair was very comfortable.
“Not afraid of needles, are you,” Emmanuel asked, making preparations.

“Not... much,” Logan replied. He was actually quite fond of them. As a child, he'd been terribly scared of any pain and especially needles, that appeared almost mystical and could pierce so deep into him while being so tiny. It changed when he turned ten, though. Some kids in stress used to cut themselves. He never did, especially since it would have left questionable scars. Instead he used needles, which he stuck into his body, trying to hit either some vein or nerve. He was happy when blood flew from the wound, and even happier when he had to grit his teeth to push the needle deeper, or moan to pull it out. Nobody noticed small punctuation marks or bruises – he had those anyway. And so the game of needles went on, and once he learned to jack off, he used them as foreplay.

“Where does the...” blood come from, Logan wished to ask, but Emmanuel cut him off.
“You can ask all the questions later and I will answer them,” he murmured. “But for the time being, relax and enjoy.”
Logan couldn't answer, especially when his body reacted to a sharp needle that pricked his skin and was pushed down his vein. A small moan escaped his lips, and his body and cock hardened.
Emmanuel noticed.
“Intriguing,” he whispered. “You are truly not afraid. You are... enticed. With needles.”
Logan blushed, and nodded.
Emmanuel nodded to himself. He would keep this in mind, a valuable little piece of information he could use for his advantage.
And then the blood flew through the metal and into Logan. His head rolled back over the edge of the chair and he moaned. It hurt, it was forbidden, it was... wonderful. Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, he bade, and the blood kept coming, blood with no morality, no identity.

Finally it stopped, and Emmanuel pulled the needle out, but he did it slowly, millimeter by millimeter. Logan felt it twist inside himself and he was so hard it hurt.

“Stop it,” he pleaded. He felt embarrassed. This shouldn't have happened. Nobody should know. So far, nobody had, and now this man, this vampire... He was toying with him, wasn't he?

Emmanuel nodded and pulled away. “I apologize. I shouldn't have done it.” Logan was left looking after him, his body calling out, his mind confused – he was shy, he was horny, he was crazed with so many different feelings and he could no longer tell himself apart. No. This was wrong. Jeremy. I want only Jeremy, I love only him. Was this some part of being a... a vampire? Rumors said they were very sexual creatures. Enoch had taken him, Emmanuel had supposedly taken Xavier Ford, Maximilian, the guy who'd come to Emmanuel's rescue, was very fond of Emmanuel, and now here he was, with so much sexual tension he might have taken down a cement wall with it...

No, you must ask it. Ask it!
“Where does the blood come from?” It did sound very silly to ask, but still. He had to know, right? If only to get off the very embarrassing situation.

“Come, I will show you,” Emmanuel extended his hand. Logan didn't take it, though. He didn't dare. He was true to Jeremy, he was true to his husband, this just wasn't happening, shut up.
He rose and followed the little (sexy) scientist.


Jerome Carson struggled out of a soaking wet jacket and folded it neatly before hanging it over the door. Then he removed his shoes, his socks, his shirt, trousers, underwear – they were all wet and cold from the rain. The room was dark, with no lights on, only the moon and the thousand little torches of the city.
M106. City of life, city of love, city of death. Their beginning, and their end. So big you could get lost in it, and Logan had. He didn't believe the police when they said that his husband was dead, not even when they had told him that his signal, his chip had been broken. No. Logan wasn't dead. He was only missing, and so Jerome was sitting naked, wet and cold in their room, with no lights on and the cold unanimous city keeping him company. Under one of those thousands of lights there would be Logan. He just knew it. He was alive. He felt it. The cops were stupid and the agents even worse. Life didn't go by numbers and signals.

Logan was alive. He knew. And he refused to give up on him. He hadn't married a chip, he didn't love a chip, he loved the dashing, shy, bold, smart, stunningly sexy young man who turned his knees weak, his cock hard and made him fuzzy and warm all over.

“He is not dead,” he told the city, and his voice was cold and stern, his eyes icy blue. “He is not dead, do you hear me?! He is but lost in your machinery, but he is out there. I feel it, and I will seek for him, until I find him. People only die when those they love give up on them. But I am not gonna do that, do you hear me?!”

He nodded to himself and picked up his cell phone. He fiddled with it and dialed a number he had not used for a long time.

“Yes? Who is that,” a deep, sunny female voice asked.
“Hello, Sofia. It's Jerome.”
“Jerome who?”
“Jerome Carson. And you are Sofia Koch, my classmate and the smartest girl in the entire city.”
She laughed at the other end of the line.
“I am Sofia Buckley now, but I might still agree with the rest. Hello, Jerome. Haven't heard from you for a long...”
“I'm sorry. I've been busy.”
“I can bet you have. How is Logan?”
“He is the reason I called you. He's gone missing, Sofia.”
“Missing? What do you mean? Missing how?”
“His chip has been destroyed. He was to meet me for our anniversary, and he never showed up. I went to the police in the morning, and they told me he must be dead, because his signal is off and his chip has been destroyed. They say he probably fell prey to either vampires or werewolf rookies.”
“And you don't believe a word of it, do you?”
“No, I don't. And that's why I called you. I mean to seek him out myself, but I need your help.”
“Since when am I a detective?”
“Since you know someone, who is.”
“You know who I have in mind. Alice. You were best friends with her, were you not?”
Sofia sighed.
“I guess I was. Though I think it went rather like that she was my best friend, but I wasn't hers. I don't think she had best friends. I don't think she had friends, even. You know what she was like.”
Jerome nodded.
“Scary, I know. Well, cannot blame her, considering what happened to her family.”
“Yeah,” Sofia agreed. “So I suppose you want me to find her and talk to her about Logan gone missing?”
“I'd be very grateful if you did, Sofia.”
“You are aware that we haven't spoken to each other for five years? She might have changed her number, place of living. She might not even be in this city.”
“She's here, Sofia. I know, she is. You know she is, and we both know what she has become. I need what she has become. I need her, because I need help and she is my only hope. Sofia, please – help me.”
She sighed wearily.
“Alright. I'll give it a try. But no promises. And you should really come down and pay me a visit. Preferably when my husband is out of town.”
“That was a joke, right?”
Sofia laughed.
“Of course it was, silly. But still you should come when he is out. He is a government man, and your situation would put him into a too delicate position. Besides, he just might get jealous.”
“I'll come. Honestly.”
“Yeah. You'll come. I'll try and contact her. If I find her, I will tell her your story and give her your contacts. Or the other way around. Whatever.”
Jerome smiled to the phone.
“Thank you, Sofia. I really mean it. Thank you.”
“Thank me when I've found her,” she snorted. “Good night, Jerome. I'll call you.”
“Good night, Sofia. And sweet dreams.”

She watched the light on her cell phone die out with the call ended. Then she walked over the soft carpet and gazed out through the tinted glass, with red and yellow flowers painted upon it.

“Alice,” she whispered, and shook her head. “But no, no longer Alice, are you? No.”
Her smile was small and sad.
“You are another creature now, even more alien. Would you care if you knew I am still in love with you? You never noticed. You never cared, if you did. You cared only of yourself, and yet I loved you. I still do, Alice.”

But she knew the Alice she'd known was gone for good. There was a different creature now, even more alien. Alice was gone. There was another in her stead.
Justice was the name now.


“We are almost there, sir,” the driver said. She was a beautiful woman. He was a young man, just turned eighteen. He had thick brown well-trimmed hair, and obviously he had taken good care of them. His features were that of a boy, but the boy had had to grow up very fast, and now he looked overly stern, with cold determination about his posture. Brown eyes seemed black in twilight and though the little car took some angry curves, he didn't flinch. It was none of his concern, and when the driver would make too many mistakes, he would simply report her. This one here probably imagined that a low cut blouse could help her make career. M106 was a corrupt little city, so she might have been right. Things like these weren't allowed in M. They happened sometimes, but they were rare, and got extinguished.

“We are above a fast food landing, sir. Would you like to get something to eat. Sir? Mister Ford, sir?”
The young man opened his eyes.
“Do I look like I ate junk food? And do I look like I made unnecessary stops on the way to work?”
She flinched.
“No sir. I'm sorry, sir.”
Now she was terrified. He would have wanted to know what she had to hide. Nothing much, probably. They were just all so lazy and unintelligent round here – and corrupt, of course. He was extremely happy of being rid of this city, and the prospect of being assigned back here because he was supposed to know the city... Of course he had agreed, there was no doubt in his mind. His personal feelings about M106 didn't matter. He had an important case to look after, even if he was merely to assist the local agents. He couldn't help but smile at the fact that although he was still in the Academy, he had already been given such mission, and assigned to supervise people that had worked on the field for years. But then again, they were little local agents.

He could afford to offer her a small smile. It did not reach his eyes.

“It is alright. But it would be best if you refrained from wasting my time making such suggestions.”
“Yes sir.”

There was no place for emotions in his life. Emotions were a greatest distraction. A man that wished to aim higher had to sharpen his mind. Mind was the tool, the sword whence all else derived. Emotions were for the weak, and they made a man weak. James Ford would never be a weak man.
He nodded to himself. Yes, it was all under control.
Briefly he considered whether he should visit his family once he was here, but he decided not to. They would have distracted him in his duties. Besides, he knew they didn't much like what he was doing. They didn't like the government much. It was a stain he had worked hard to wash off himself and succeeded. It was best not to involve with them, again. It would bring naught but trouble.

As to his brother...
By what he had heard in M, he was an outlaw. The government had done their best to hire him for his skills, but his brother's emotion-driven and vilely rebellious character had put a short end to this. By now, Xavier stood aside the law, running some hunter gang. James had controversial feelings about such men and such gangs. Of course, hunters did the right thing by chasing the werewolves and killing vampires, but they considered themselves above the law and no man was above the law. The law was what made them human, set them above all mutants.

James accepted their existence, just like he accepted that there were legal vampires working at the lowest positions.
“We've reached the station, sir,” the driver murmured, afraid to accost James any louder.
He nodded at her gracefully.
And then he exited the little sky patroller, stepping into the cool and misty air of M106, his hometown.
Home, he muttered.
No, he had no feelings about the city. None whatsoever.
A small insecure boy had left M106. A fully acknowledged government agent returned.
He smiled to himself. He had all the reasons to be proud, and he was. The town shimmered before him, and he...
He laughed at it.

Story Beginning | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter
I don't know about inspiration, but I began JulWriMo - you know, the July version on NaNoWriMo of November.
And Big City is what I'm going to write, whether the chars want it or not. They better!

Nitpicking, constructive criticism and overall motivation much appreciated :heart: (Though I'll deal with the criticism after July. Please shoot my inner editor when you meet her. She's a total bitch, always telling me I'm a total sucker.)

Most of it I wrote last night when I got the evening off from work, but the latest part about James has been written today, and I'm working on.

Sofia just kinda happened, because Jerome decided that he wouldn't be crying and giving up (like I had in mind, sorta...), but would instead call a classmate. And then came the rest. They only informed me while I was writing this. So sweet of them, huh?

As to James, then yes - meet Xavier's little brother, whom everybody used to call Jamie. Not so Jamie any more, is he? You can guess, perhaps, that he is the mysterious guy from M sent to assist Joe Charles and Jesus Barrera with their murder investigation.

BTW - I know quite some about Xavier's family. They're all pretty cool, maybe you'll meet them someday.
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LunaticStar Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2009
Tossing another Ford in the works, eh?

And characters are good like that. They sit in the waiting room and they talk to each other, and decide its important they all get together in the story. I had a feeling cyborg girl and the vampire noobs couldn't stay apart for very long. :D
Mithgariel Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Yep. The perfect little brother. Xavier has a really cool diverse family.
lotrdeana17 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2009
Whoa, Logan has a thing for needles... sexy.

I hope Jerome finds him!!!
Elestra Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2008
Logan oli väike enesetorkija? Huvitav info. Ja tegelased aina tulevad juurde ja juurde. James kõlab põnevalt. Sofia kõlab nagu... kerge probleem? Millegipärast küll.
Mithgariel Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
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Mithgariel Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Martini stiilis ;)
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